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Dysphagia products, milk replacement, pureed meats and fiber supplement


Specialty Diet Items

Our specialty products are chosen to meet a range of needs, whether you’re shopping for someone with difficulty swallowing, dental problems or in need of low-sodium solutions. We also stock products for supplementing fiber, milk replacement products and pureed meats.

Bernard ULTRA THIXX is a popular all-purpose thickener to assist with swallowing difficulties. THIXX can assist with even extreme difficulty swallowing, by thickening hot and cold liquids, food, and pureed foods. By thickening liquids, ULTRA THIXX can move liquids safely to the stomach.

Pureed meats are also an essential source of nutrition for many with difficulties eating. Pureeing store-bought pieces of meat can be costly and very time consuming. Simply Serve Pureed Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Ham and Pork are finely ground and pureed for easy consumption, they offer an excellent source of protein and are quick and easy to prepare.  Serve over pasta, soft toast, mashed potatoes or countless other options to make a variety of easy meals.

Don’t forget to also take a look at Bernard Ber-No-Lac, Lactose-Free Milk Replacement, and Bernard Fiber-Iffic dietary fiber supplement.

Buy our specialty products individually or in bulk. Purchasing by unit is ideal for home kitchens, while buying by the case can prove cost efficient for those in the food service industry, nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities and institutions with multiple people to serve.

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