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Dehydrated Water

Our favorite gag gift


Bernard Dehydrated Water

Have a foodie friend that loves to laugh? The eDietShop has the perfect joke gift for them!

“Dehydrated Water” has been around since the 1960’s and yet the joke never gets old. As the packaging explains, the user must simply “Empty contents of can into one gallon of water, stir until dissolved, chill and serve”.

Dehydrated Water is perfect for anyone that loves gag gifts, funny recipes or foodie fun. Give to your teacher, Mom, Dad or friend as a joke gift, or keep it on your own kitchen shelf to bring a smile to anyone that sees it! Young or old, this one is bound to raise a smile. This gift will be quick to become a family joke that’s passed on for years, and it’s a product we can’t get enough of.

Take a look at our sugar-free items and no sugar added items too, for a real treat that’s almost as calorie-free as this one. From brownies to chocolate chip cookies to cake mix, there’s something for everyone at the eDietShop, whether you need to reduce your sugar intake, eat gluten free or have other dietary requirements.