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Simply Serve Pureed Pork

sku# 208123
$6.67 / unit
$80.04 / case
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Simply Serve Pureed Pork is the answer for anyone with eating difficulties or dental pain, in need of protein and variety in their diet. This pureed pork is finely ground making it an easy-to-eat option for those with multiple dietary restrictions. It is also gluten free, with no salt added in the process, meaning salt content is generally consistent with that in fresh meat. Choose Simply Serve Pureed Pork for an easy-to-prepare, quick solution to variety, taste and protein!

Nutritional Information

Simply Serve Pureed Pork is one solution you can count on to help bring protein and flavor to a strict diet. For anyone suffering from eating difficulties or dental problems, finding soft, easily edible and nutritious food can be a challenge. Dense meat is one of the many food types that can cause a significant problem. Simply Serve pureed meats, including Pureed Pork, are finely ground for easy consumption, perfect for anyone with difficulties chewing and swallowing.

There are countless meals to be created using pureed meats. Choose from pureed pork over mashed potato, to pureed pork over egg on soft toast, or even pureed pork over baked potato. Pureed pork can also be combined with cream or cheese pasta sauce and served with noodles or macaroni as a protein-filled meat sauce.

Simply Serve pureed meats offer an easy solution to home cooking – simply heat and serve, rather than spending time trimming and blending fresh meat. The quick, easy to serve nature of these products means they’re ideal for individuals cooking at home and for staff in nursing homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities looking to ensure a balanced diet for all residents.

For even greater variety, try all the Simply Serve pureed meats. Simply Serve Pureed Beef, Simply Serve Pureed Turkey, Simply Serve Pureed Chicken, and Simply Serve Pureed Ham, can all offer their own flavor and nutritional benefits.

Where the diet condition is critical, please refer to the proximate analysis. 

simply serve pureed pork nutrition facts


You have not viewed any products recently.

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