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Simply Serve Pureed Chicken

sku# 208043
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Simply Serve Pureed Chicken can help those with dental problems and eating difficulties add flavor and protein to their meals. This pureed chicken in broth is finely ground for easy consumption. Perfect for a gluten free diet, with no salt added, this is one food option that meets multiple dietary requirements. Simply Serve pureed meats offer a solution for anyone looking for greater variety on a diet that requires easy to eat, pureed foods. Add salt or flavor to taste if appropriate with other dietary restrictions.

Nutritional Information

Eating difficulties and dental problems can make finding nutritious, flavorful food a challenge. Simply Serve Pureed Chicken can be part of the solution, providing protein and nutrition. This pureed meat is gluten free, and salt is not added during processing. Salt content is therefore generally consistent with that of fresh meat.

Simply Serve pureed meats, including pureed chicken in broth, Simply Serve Pureed Beef, Simply Serve Pureed Turkey, Simply Serve Pureed Pork, and Simply Serve Pureed Ham, are finely ground. These meat options offer a great alternative to dense meat that often causes difficulties for those that can’t easily chew or swallow. These meat products are perfect for individuals cooking at home, and for use by staff in hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, to ensure a balanced diet among residents. Simply Serve pureed meats can help staff and family members save time previously taken to puree meat in a blender. With Simply Serve, you can heat and serve pureed meat in minutes.

There are countless ways to eat pureed chicken in broth – it can be added to a variety of soft meals for extra flavor. Try pureed chicken over baked potatoes or egg on toast. Pureed chicken over mashed potato is another option for a classic meat and potato taste. Create a meat sauce for pasta dishes by combining pureed chicken with white sauce or cheese sauce, to be served with pasta or macaroni.

Where the diet condition is critical, please refer to the proximate analysis. 

Simply serve pureed chicken nutrition facts


You have not viewed any products recently.

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