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Sugar Substitutes

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Sugar Substitutes

Craving sweetness? The answer is here! Sugar substitutes from the eDietShop can bring the sweetness back into your life, without sugar. We can help you keep your dietary requirements and enjoy the food you eat.

Control those sugar cravings and stay healthy with sugar substitutes! We stock a range of products from brands like Sans Sucre and Calorie Control, to help make keeping to your diet easy.  Sans Sucre Cinnamon Sugar Substitute, Calorie Control Cinnamon Flavor Sugar Substitute, Calorie Control Maple Flavor Sugar Substitute, Calorie Control Strawberry Flavor Sugar Substitute are all easy, delicious ways to sweeten up your meals, snacks and desserts. These sugar substitutes are completely sugar-free, and only 5 calories per serving. They’re also gluten free, and can be used freely by those with diabetes.

Be adventurous, and try our sugar substitutes on French toast, pancakes, rice pudding, oatmeal, yoghurt, cake, or anything that takes your fancy.

You can buy sugar substitutes from the eDietShop individually or in bulk. Buying individually, by unit, is perfect for stocking up your personal kitchen. Purchasing by the case load is ideal for those in the food service industry, kitchens in hospitals, educational facilities, nursing homes or other community kitchens and institutions.

Enjoy the sweeter side of life with the eDietShop!