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Calorie Control Gelatin - Raspberry

sku# 506421
$5.15 / unit
$92.70 / case
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Calorie Control Raspberry Gelatin Dessert Mix is ideal for diabetics as it is sugar-free, gluten-free, fat-free and sodium-free. Now sweetened with sucralose, enjoy our Gelatin Mix as there are only 5 calories per serving making it a treat to enjoy any time. Top with our Calorie Control Whipped Topping.

Each 2.75 oz. pouch yields 32-1/2 cup servings. Also available in full cases of 12 pouches.


Nutritional Information

Made with 300 Bloom Gelatin - the highest quality gelatin available to the food industry. This high bloom of gelatin not only retains its firm gel for hours on end, but is the perfect sugar-free, low-sodium gelatin for preparing fruit molds using either water-packed canned fruits or the new carbohydrate-controlled canned fruits.

There is no salt in our Calorie Control® Gelatin Desserts. This permits their use in low-sodium diets as well as sugar-free diets.

Thirteen delicious flavors to choose from. You can't tell the difference between our Calorie Control® Gelatin Desserts and desserts made with sugar.

Only 5 calories per serving. For Sugar Restricted Diets: Not limited. May be used freely. 



DIABETIC EXCHANGE: May be used freely.

calorie control raspberry gelatin mix nutrition facts


You have not viewed any products recently.

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