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Gluten Free Items

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Gluten Free Items

Now you can enjoy your favorite desserts and recipes, gluten free! Our delicious specialty products can make keeping your diet gluten free easy. No need to sacrifice flavor while on a restricted diet. Treat yourself without the harmful effects gluten can have on those with dietary restrictions. 

At eDietShop, we have countless gluten-free options to choose from, to satisfy every craving and appeal to all kinds of preferences. From Calorie Control Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Mix to San Sucre Gluten Free and Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix, and Sans Sucre Gluten Free And Sugar Free Classic Blondie Brownie Mix, you can have your cake and eat it. All our Sans Sucre Mousse Mixes are also gluten free – start with the ever-popular Sans Sucre Low Fat Strawberry Mousse Mix.

Our products are ideal for anyone in need of simple meal solutions, and are quick and easy to prepare, to save you time. Many of our items can be bought for individual use at home, or in bulk, for the food service industry, hospitals and other institutions and establishments. These gluten free treats are bound to become firm favorites for the whole family. Enjoy, and find more products like these at