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Sweet N Low White Cake Mix

sku# 00300
$5.00 / unit
$60.00 / case
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Sweet‘N Low® White Cake Mix makes the perfect, simple snack cake, for any time of day – enjoy with your late-morning coffee, as a dessert, or as an afternoon treat! Whenever you need a little sweetness in your life, this Sweet‘N Low® cake can help you cure those sugar cravings and abide by your dietary restrictions. Top with Sweet‘N Low® White or Chocolate Frosting and share with friends at parties of family gatherings. They’ll never know it has no sugar added.

Nutritional Information

Having multiple dietary restrictions doesn’t have to mean avoiding the food you love. If cake is your favorite dessert treat, this Sweet‘N Low® White Cake Mix is for you. Some of the many nutritional benefits to this cake mix include:

  • No sugar added
  • Low fat
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Low-sodium

This mix makes baking at home easy, simply add water and bake! Expect to create an 8 inch layer of cake with every box. Perfect for baking at home, sharing with friends, and for making in care home facilities, hospitals and more. We therefore offer this product by the unit and by the case load, for culinary staff to treat their residents and guests!

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DIABETIC EXCHANGE: One serving is approximately equal to two bread and 1/2 fat exchange.

Sweet 'N Low White Cake Mix Nutrition Facts


You have not viewed any products recently.

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