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Sweet N Low Pancake Mix

sku# 00100
$6.00 / unit
$72.00 / case
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Looking for a delicious breakfast treat that’s sugar-free, fat-free, low sodium and cholesterol free? Look no further than Sweet’N Low Pancake Mix for a morning meal that tastes great and meets your dietary requirements. You can also use this versatile mix to create entrée and dessert crepes – it’s great for any meal! Invite family and friends to enjoy pancakes guilt-free – no one will know it’s sugar-free!

Nutritional Information

Be part of a trend towards healthier living, with Sweet’N Low Pancake Mix. More and more people are gaining nutritional awareness and have an interest in eating food that helps them work towards meeting their dietary goals, without giving up their favorite meals. Sweet’N Low Pancake Mix is one such product that enables you to prioritize your health and enjoy your favorite American breakfast meal just as you always have.

Sweet’N Low Pancake Mix requires little time or energy in terms of preparation – simply add water and mix! It is therefore perfect for anyone baking at home, and those preparing food in care homes or hospitals, for guests and residents with and without dietary restrictions. Expect to make approximately 32-3" pancakes with every 8 oz. box of Sweet’N Low Pancake Mix. For bulk needs, choose to purchase by the case load of 12 boxes.

Make your Sweet’N Low Pancakes extra special with sugar free maple syrup, chocolate syrup, fruit or countless other toppings. Don’t forget to browse other Sweet’N Low dessert mixes including a 12 pack assortment of Sweet’N Low Bakery Mixes, Sweet’N Low Banana Cake Mix, Sweet’N Low Chocolate Cake Mix and more.




WeightWatchers FlexPoints - 3

Sweet 'N Low Pancake Mix Nutrition Facts


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