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Sans Sucre Mousse Mix - Lemon

sku# 635501
$6.25 / unit
$75.00 / case
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Sans Sucre Lemon Mousse Mix is a delicious, refreshing treat for anyone looking to find a dessert that meets multiple dietary restrictions for happy, healthy living. This delicious mousse is sugar-free, low fat, gluten-free, low-cholesterol and only 70 calories per serving. Sweetened with Sucralose, it’s a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth without breaking your good habits. This delicious mix can be eaten as a mousse or added to other desserts, such as pies, pastries and tarts.

Nutritional Information

There are many nutritional benefits to choosing Sans Sucre Lemon Mousse Mix as your favorite dessert mix. Some of the many criteria it meets include: 

  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Low-fat
  • Low-cholesterol
  • Naturally flavored

There are some dietary considerations to note, including:

  • Note to Diabetics: One 1/2 cup serving is approximately equal to 1/2 low-fat milk exchange.
  • A 1/2 cup serving can be counted as 2 Weight Watchers points
  • This delicious reduced calorie dessert contains 1/3 fewer calories than regular mousse as it is sweetened with Sucralose. 

Sans Sucre Lemon Mousse Mix is easy to prepare, with no cooking required. Simply follow the mix instructions and chill before serving. The simple nature of this mix makes it perfect for individuals preparing food at home and for staff working in nursing homes, educational facilities, hospitals and other institutions looking to provide healthy and delicious meals to multiple residents or guests. Choose to buy Sans Sucre Lemon Mousse Mix by the unit or in bulk as best suits your needs.

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sans sucre lemon mousse mix nutrition facts


You have not viewed any products recently.

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