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Calorie Control Shake Mix - Chocolate

sku# 421083
$9.65 / unit
$57.90 / case
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Deliciously thick, rich-tasting and just 130 calories per 8 fl. oz. serving, Calorie Control Chocolate Shake Mix is sugar-free, gluten free and low-sodium. Diet chocolate shakes are ideal for weight control, diabetic and special diets. Keep cravings in check and curb hunger with a delicious, Calorie Control, diet chocolate shake!

Each 12 oz. can yields 3 gallons. Also available in full cases of 6 cans.

Nutritional Information

Calorie Control brand reduced-calorie Milkshake Mixes are available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors. Calorie Control Milk Shake Mixes are ideal for individuals on restricted diets, or anyone concerned with fat, sugar, and sodium intake. Make delicious diet chocolate shakes at home that meet the following requirements:

  • Low fat
  • Sugar free
  • Low sodium
  • 130 calories per 8 fl. oz. serving
  • Net carbs: 5g
  • DIABETIC EXCHANGE: An 8 fl-oz. serving equals one low-fat milk exchange.

For added variety and nutritional value, try adding a half cup of fruit to every eight ounce serving. Some of our favorite flavor combinations are:

  • Chocolate & Banana
  • Chocolate & Strawberry
  • Chocolate & Coconut
  • Chocolate & Raspberry

Calorie Control Milkshake Mixes make the perfect diet chocolate shake and are convenient and easy to prepare - just add skim milk, whip and serve.

Calorie Control Milkshake Mixes are perfect for anyone able to prepare simple food at home, and those in the hectic catering or restaurant industry. Perfect for preparation in care homes, hospitals, educational establishments and more.

Cans can be resealed for a single use. Purchase by the case for bulk needs.


calorie control chocolate milkshake mix nutrition facts


You have not viewed any products recently.

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