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Calorie Control Mousse Mix - Raspberry

sku# 523103
$11.85 / unit
$71.10 / case
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Delicious raspberries never go out of fashion, and our raspberry Calorie Control Mousse Mix makes the most of this unforgettable, refreshing berry taste. Not only is this delicious mousse mix easy to whip up and good enough to share with friends and family, it’s also sugar-free, reduced calorie, low-sodium, low-fat, zero trans-fat and gluten-free.

Nutritional Information

Calorie Control Raspberry Mousse contains a minimal number of calories compared to similar mousse products. At just 70 calories per servings it contains less than half the calories of many brands containing 185-350 calories. This means you can enjoy a dessert you love without the stress and health implications high calorie choices can bring. 

This quick and easy dessert meets the following dietary requirements and more, making it perfect for easy at-home preparation and preparation by food service professionals in the healthcare and education fields and more:

·         Sugar-free

·         Reduced calorie

·         Low-sodium

·         Low-fat

·         Zero trans-fat

·         Gluten-free

In fact, the healthy nature of this dessert and its high quality mean you can also find it in restaurants and find dining facilities. More delicious Calorie Control Mousse flavors include Chocolate, French Vanilla, Lemon, Mocha Cappuccino, Peach, Strawberry, and White Chocolate.



DIABETIC EXCHANGE: A 1/2 cup serving is approximately equal to 1/2 low-fat milk exchange.

calorie control raspberry mousse mix nutrition facts


You have not viewed any products recently.

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